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We are looking for creative, talented and motivated people to join our team - you could be one of them. Below is a list of open positions across The Marvin Group.

Aerospace Painter

Building Maintenance Supervisor

Building Maintenance Technician

Depot Assembly Supervisor

Electrical Assembler

Electrical Engineer - MLS

Facility Project Manager

Global Trade Compliance Analyst

Hardware Buyer

IT Help Desk Coordinator


Machine Operator

Machining Buyer

Machinist / Toolmaker

Mechanical Assembler

Paint Department Manager

Procurement Manager

Production Expediter

Production Planner

Program Manager

Program Manager - MLS

Purchasing Expediter

Quality Control Inspector Level 1

Quality Coordinator - Technical

Quality Engineer

Shipping Logistics Manager

Stockroom Clerk

Structural Assembly Mechanic

Test Engineer

VP Procurement

It is the policy of The Marvin Group to provide Equal Opportunity in Employment throughout the corporation, for all qualified applicants and employees without discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status; Vietnam Era or Disabled, or any physical or mental disability, and to promote effective utilization of all employees through a positive and continuing program of affirmative action throughout the corporation. The Marvin Group maintains a formal written plan, which aids in achieving the degree of minority and female representation at all levels, correlating to the recruitment area availability. Equal Opportunity is emphasized in employment procedures, including interviewing, advertising, hiring and company publications.