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Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle

The Flyer Gen II platform provides military users with a mature family of air deployable production vehicles. The platform is available as a Light Strike/Armored Light Strike configuration; Rescue; Assault or Cargo/Re-Supply.


  • V22 3000lbs
  • CH-47 4000 lbs
  • Driven and flown on V22 with minimal mission payload preparation
  • Driven and flown combat ready on CH-47


Provides superior ground and air tactical mobility as well as operational flexibility and depth
  • Low signature (noise, size, heat)
  • Superior cross country, severe and restricted terrain mobility


  • Utilizes COTS, state of the art 1.9L 150 Hp with 6 speed automatic power train
  • COTS cooling system, brake system and fuel system
  • Maximizes use of HMMWV parts
  • Low fuel consumption –24mpg@40mph


  • Height 60”
  • Chassis Width 60” (with side boxes 74”)
  • Length 180 “
  • Ground Clearance 14”


  • Type – Tubular space frame
  • Roll Cage – Integrated Roll cage (meets FMVSS 216 and SAE 1040)
  • Independent Front/Rear Suspension 4 – Wheel Coil Over Shocks
  • Brake system: 4 Wheel Disc Power assisted
  • Steering Type – power assisted
  • Turning Radius 18 Feet
  • Wheel & Tire Size – Run Flat /Bead Lock 37 X 12.5 R17

Flyer Gen II Brochure thumbnail Flyer Gen II Brochure