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Marvin Engineering

Established in 1963, Marvin Engineering is the flagship company of The Marvin Group and a worldwide leader in Alternate Mission, Auxiliary Aircraft and Role Equipment. Supporting both in-service and emerging platforms including F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22 and F-35 as well as rotary-wing applications such as Blackhawk, Cobra and Apache. Marvin Engineering also provides equipment in support of several unmanned aerial systems such as Predator, Reaper and Gray Eagle. Ground launch systems include SLAMRAAM and NASAMS.

As the original equipment manufacturer, Marvin Engineering provides life of program sustainment and support, including training, spare parts, upgrade options and depot services.

Marvin Engineering’s products and services are offered both domestically and internationally and are currently being provided through the Department of Defense (DoD), Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Prime Contractors and via Direct Commercial Sales (DCS). Marvin Engineering has the experience and resources available to support a contracting strategy that meets with their customers’ individual needs.

Marvin Group corporate office in Inglewood, California and home to Marvin Engineering.