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Design Engineering

Marvin Engineering has a core design engineering staff comprised of a mix of mechanical, electrical, manufacturing and aerospace engineers. Our engineering skills are applied to a number of programs, both for existing equipment as well as new projects that we undertake. Building from our core competence of producing high quality products from drawing, Marvin Engineering has developed a team of engineers who are able to provide any necessary design modifications, upgrades, improvements and problem resolution to our customers and their products.
Many of the products we support, particularly in the Airborne Armament Equipment line, evolve through their lifecycle, often requiring upgrades to integrate new weapons or aircraft as the need arises. Our engineers will work with our customers to support design and development of these modifications based on their in-depth experience with the products through many years of manufacturing.

Marvin Engineering also offers Engineering Services support to our customers which can include repair diagnosis, fault finding, mid-life updates or new product development. Typical types of services include:

  • Design Engineering Services for New Product Development
  • Failure Mode & Corrective Action Analysis
  • Product Development for Electronic Products
  • Product Development for Mechanical Equipment
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Rapid Prototyping for New Product Development
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly, Integration & Test
  • Creation of product literature and training course

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Recent examples of our applied engineering services includes the design, development and production of a modified power supply assembly for the LAU-7 missile launcher to provide the equipment with the capability to launch the digital AIM-9X Sidewinder missile. As the missile evolved and became more complex, and required a new MIL-STD-1760 digital interface, the Marvin Engineering Company designed a modified power supply to allow AIM-9X users to utilize their existing launchers through a simply upgrade program. m272 test