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Support Services

Marvin Engineering products are accompanied by a range of support services offered across the group. We believe firmly in being there for our customer, not just at the point of sale, but through the life of the product in service. We therefore offer a range of five key support services to ensure that equipment supplied by The Marvin Group remains available and serviceable as much as possible through provision of parts, consumables, training and other types of support as required by our customers.

Spares & Consumables Logistics

Marvin Engineering maintains a reliable and well supported range of spares for all of our products & systems. Through nearly 50 years of expertise we are also well placed to support customers in putting together a logistics analysis to determine a suitable spares strategy for supporting the equipment throughout its service life.We also work closely with a number of major distributors to support customer’s needs where the AAE spares are better provided as a higher level turnkey package.

Repair & Overhaul

The Marvin Group offers all levels of maintenance services from I-level to O-level and even depot-level repairs or major overhauls in order to ensure our customer’s equipment is ready and available when they need to use it.

Our southern California facility includes a depot facility used to carry out depot-level repairs on launchers and ejector racks. Whatever our customers repairs needs we have the staff, capabilities and resources to ensure we can return faulty or worn equipment back into service as soon as possible.

Upgrades & Improvements

Marvin Engineering also offers upgrades and improved variants for many of its products. Most Airborne Armament Equipment products are challenged with new requirements once integrated into service; either to integrate a new weapon or integrate the product itself onto a new platform. We provide solutions to these needs, in particular upgrades to our products which integrate smart, MIL-STD-1760 digital weapons. Many of our conversions to smart launchers and ejector racks are conducted in partnership with our Geotest - Marvin Test Systems business.


Correct and proper use of our equipment including safe loading and unloading as well as maintenance and repair are fundamental to ensuring the equipment life is prolonged. Our equipment is designed to be used in the harshest environments but it is imperative that the correct operation, use and maintenance is carried out with the equipment at all times. We believe that providing these services as an option to customers provides a valuable service at the point of sale or at any time during the life of the product should customers require refresher training or educate some new recruits.

Marvin Engineering offers operational and use training (including loading & unloading), as well as O and I level maintenance instruction for most of our products. Training can be conducted at our award winning facilities in Southern California, USA or at a location of our customer’s choosing.

Technical Services

Our technical services offers customers a range of engineering solutions. These range from provision of design modification solutions to address a specific need, fault or failure investigation and corrective action information through to the creation of technical manuals and engineering drawings. Our engineers possess vast background knowledge of the intricacies of Airborne Armament Equipment and are well versed to address specific customer requirements.