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MLS has the facilities and equipment to support all types of developmental and production programs. MLS’ facility in Los Angeles includes the Corporate Staff, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Program Management, Finance and Administration, Manufacturing and Warehouse operations. The facilities comply with MIL-Q-9858, MIL-STD-2000 and are ISO 9001 certified. MLS also has access to all of the capabilities and resources of the Marvin Group of companies that include state of the art machinery and testing equipment.

MLS facilities are conveniently located approximately 10 minutes east of the Los Angeles International Airport at 261 West Beach Avenue, Inglewood, CA 90302.


MLS has the facilities and equipment necessary to perform acceptance and qualification testing of our systems including:

  • Various Mechanical & Electrical Test Benches,
  • High Voltage Power Supply (up to 800 volts)
  • Calorimeters and break out boxes,
  • Hydraulic Test bench for motors & pumps
  • Vibration Test Chamber
  • Temperature Test Chamber
  • Environmental Test Chamber for heat exchangers
  • Refrigerant systems test bench
Note: All test stands are equipped with real time data acquisition Systems (DAQ) allowing us to measure flow, temperature, pressure, humidity, torque, speed and more.

Test Facility

Marvin Land Systems has the capability to perform environmental testing for the program at Marvin Engineering’s environmental test facility located at 122 West Hazel Street, Inglewood, California. This facility provides Marvin Land Systems the ability to perform comprehensive environmental testing under the control and supervision of MLS quality and engineering personnel.

This test facility encloses approximately twelve thousand square feet and includes a wide compliment of environmental/production test equipment, including five vibration test stands and ten environmental temperature chambers. Production test equipment includes functional ATE, electrical ATE, mechanical verification, ESS cycling (Temperature & Vibration), Leak and Flow. The capacity of the vibration test stands ranges from 4,000 force pounds to 45,000 force pounds. Environmental temperature chambers range in size from 8 cubic feet to 320 cubic feet. Temperature environmental extremes of -73 ° C to 177 ° C can be achieved. Humidity can be controlled from 0% to 100% RH. Humidity can be controlled from 0% to 100% RH, and Altitude from site level to 100,000 feet.

Vibration Testing Capability & Equipmemy

Marvin Land Systems has substantial capabilities for Sine, Random, Shock, and Mixed Mode types of vibration in all axes.

Environmental Testing Capability & Equipment

Marvin Land Systems has a number of temperature and humidity chambers ranging from 8 ft³ to a 320 ft³ walk -in, with ranges of -70ºC to +177ºC, and 0% to 100% relative humidity. Chambers have mechanical refrigeration, LN2, and both mechanical with an LN2 boost system. Additionally, Marvin has a Humidity Temperature Altitude chamber capable of 100,000 ft, and a Salt Fog Chamber for performing Shipboard Corrosion tests in accordance with MIL-STD-810.