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Marvin Test Solutions develops and manufactures off-the-shelf and custom products and solutions for automated test, research, design and manufacturing applications. For more information please visit or click on the link below for a Marvin Test Solutions company brochure.

When you buy the Marvin Test Solutions brand, you get more than a great product; you get the satisfaction of knowing that you can count on us should you ever need technical assistance. Our Customer Technical Support (CTS) team of test and application engineers strives to solve most issues within 24 hours and when you need instant help, we offer our environment that provides 24x7 access to support services, an online knowledgebase, and access to the collective knowledge of Marvin Test Solutions’ support, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and sales organization.

Marvin Test Solutions is committed to your ongoing success with a support structure that includes staffing, calibration services, training, spares support and more. Whether you need to test individual devices, electronic subassemblies or an entire system, our team is focused on providing the highest quality products, solutions and services.

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Chassis and Controllers With over 20 different chassis configurations, Marvin Test Solutions’ Smart PXI chassis product line (3U chassis, 6U chassis, 3U/6U chassis) offers the most features, slot configurations, UUT interface options, system power, and embedded / external controller options in the industry.
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Software Test Executive and measurement software such as ATEasy, Digital I/O Software (DIOEasy), Waveform Editing Software (WaveEasy) and LASAR conversion software (DtifEasy) are all part of Marvin Test Solutions’ suite of test development software. A variety of training options are available including standard and customized training courses.
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Digital I/O High-speed and static 3U and 6U PXI and PCI digital I/O instrumentation. Offering test rates to 200 MHz and programmable logic levels of -10 V to +15 V, our digital products feature the highest performance and most cost effective digital test solutions in the industry.
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Measurement Measurement instrumentation includes counter / timers, DMMs, digitizers, and RF power analyzers. These products are offered in PXI, PCI and ISA bus formats.
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Stimuli PXI Arbitrary Waveform and Programmable Function Generators as well as DC source cards and a precision standards module.
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FPGA User programmable 3U PXI FPGA cards for digital and mixed signal applications. Utilizing Altera FPGAs and incorporating a base board / expansion board architecture, our FPGA products offer users the flexibility to create high performance, customized digital and mixed signal instrumentation for specific applications without requiring the use of external interface cards.
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Switching 3U and 6U PXI switching cards including matrix, multiplexer, and RF multiplexer configurations. All Marvin Test Solutions switch cards feature easy to use, reliable, and integration friendly, D-sub style interface connectors – a feature unique to Marvin Test Solutions PXI switching cards.
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Power Supplies High power, dual channel PXI User Power Supplies as well as precision DC source instrumentation. These products are offered in both PXI and GTXI formats.
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Bus Interfaces PXI Bus Expanders and PXI Interface Cards for both PXI and PXI Express interfaces.
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Legacy Replacements Marvin Test Solutions offers a line of 100% form-fit-function replacements for pulse, function, and arbitrary waveform generators originally supplied by HP and Wavetek.
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Specialty Power Interface, Prototype Cards and Programmable Resistor Cards for the PXI and GTXI platforms.
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Military / Aerospace Marvin Test Solutions produces a wide range of test solutions for the flight-line (O-Level), backshop (I-Level), and Depot level. These test systems are deployed worldwide and have demonstrated reliability and performance over nearly two decades.
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Industrial / Semiconductor Our semiconductor and industrial test solutions cover a wide range of applications including digital and mixed-signal IC test, transportation, medical, and telecom. With PXI as the core platform, these test systems offer users a modular and configurable architecture for addressing both current and future test needs.
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PXI Marvin Test Solutions offers a broad range of PXI Instruments and Cards including PXI chassis, counters, switching, user power supplies, digitizers, arbitrary waveform generators, a precision standards module and digital I/O instrumentation.
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