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Hellfire M299 Missile Launcher

The M272 and M299 Longbow guided missile launchers have been developed specifically for the AGM -114B Hellfire anti-armor, laser guided, air-to-ground missile. The M299 is capable of carrying four missiles on each launcher.

The M299 Longbow Hellfire Launcher, part number 13425104, is a modified M272 HELLFIRE launcher. It has a MIL-STD-1760A aircraft interface and can launch all configurations of the HELLFIRE missile. Modifications to the launcher include development of the Launcher Electronics Assembly (LEA), which replaces the ECSP; redesigned upper and lower rail harnesses; elimination of the hoist adapter; and a reduced hardback and lower rail support weight. The LEA design incorporates self-contained, micro-processor-controlled BIT and a smaller number of LRMs. Weapon functions previously performed by the aircraft processor are now accomplished by the LEA. The LEA also includes software used to provide a simulated RF missile training capability.
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